It all started so innocently. 
I got off work, went to the bank, and deposited my cheque. My account numbers went up, I felt good about it all, and I thought I’d take a look in the guitar store close to my house. I have been eying up a Takimine G-series acoustic guitar online but the guys at the store drew my attention to a Fender California series. It’s black with a pearl pick on the front and outline on the body. She’s so pretty. I grew up listening to my father bargain everything, so I let the salesmen know I needed a hard case as well and hummed and hawed about how I might go check out another store until they gave me dollars off everything. The numbers in my bank went down, but not too terribly. 
I drove home and carefully carried my new baby into her first house. I tuned her up and then began playing and playing and playing. The odyssey  went into its old broken case and now sits in the corner while Fendie gets the stand. I once posted a video of my sister singing and playing a song she wrote. Well, she has written and posted more songs and one of them, “Runaway Soul” connected with me so incredibly much. So, I listened to it again, transposed it into a key I could play and sing, and have since been playing in more than I can count. Of course, I play other music as well, but my favourite to play is hers. 
Fendie is my first Brand Spankin’ New guitar ever. And I love it super duper much. 
I have a very busy week so I am off to bed now. 
All my love, world. 
Joke of the day: How does a redhead walk? …….. gingerly. 


yes. yes, I did come up with that all on my own. 


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