Oh Simple Thing, Where Have You Gone?


Every time that I think my life is far more dramatic and worth watching than the Kardasians, I remind myself “no. someone living abroad in India or Iraq would be more dramatic and worth watching.” I understand I am no more or less important than some rich kids playing with daddy’s money, but lately it sure feels like my life would make an amazing script. If I was famous, tabloids would have a hay day with my surrounding life.

Individually, I’m pretty boring. I work two jobs, 6 days a week, and on my day off I pay bills and spend what tips I have on groceries. I clean the house and sometimes wish I had a cat (before I remember how much I really hate cats after they’re kittens). It’s my family drama that continues to keep me on my toes, that I’d love to vent to someone but can’t. When my phone rings and its a family member, I really do just take a deep breathe and expect news anywhere from “we lost the farm” to “we won the lottery” or “everything is fine and we miss you” to “honey, you’re adopted but we adopted the wrong ginger. You’re being traded back for the sane one.” Really, not a whole lot can surprise me anymore when it comes to my family. However, they put up with me for the last 20 years; I can put up with them for a little longer.

My Present Mindset

I feel like a lot of great opportunities have come my way but they aren’t exactly where I want to be or go. I received an acceptance letter from a theatre school I auditioned for two years ago. I was really excited and considered going- even told them to please hold my spot and I will see them next fall. But then I was thinking about it and I realized: I don’t think I’m an actress. I’m theatrical and I love to entertain, but I also like to manage and direct, I want to do behind the scenes work and still be centre stage singing my heart out. Now, because my mind is all wired so strange, these theatre thoughts lead me to the perfect solution. On top of all my theatre and reading and story telling loves, I also want to travel and meet new people, help strangers, learn and be educated while I educate.
I need to create a hostel. I thought that running a hostel would be a good thing too, and I might try to do that for experience – Lord knows I need a lot- but I have all these “set designs” as I call them. Ideas of the layout of certain dorms. I could go on about this for ages and I’ve thought about just creating a post about my dream hostel, but that would give away all my ideas. Instead, I’m going to attempt to create a portfolio. I can barely draw a stick-man, and my dreams often reach far out of my budget as I’m horrible at math, but I know I am okay with words. So if I end up writing the most descriptive book and thats how someone can see my hostel, so be it. The things that make me excited right now are thoughts of travel, thoughts of hosting travellers, and thoughts of people seeing Canada or at least whatever city this happens in through my eyes.

Things I Get A Lot Lately

My co-workers have thankfully just accepted me, but we still learn new things everyday. Often I work and open until the lunch rush has passed. There is also a mid who comes in at 12. When there is no lunch rush, you get to chatting. These are all statements I have heard more that once from either co-workers or my tables that are super chatty and find out a little bit of their waitress’ life.

“You’re so weird. I don’t know if its good or bad weird though.”
“Wow! You are actually a very interesting person once one gets to see you away from work.”
“You were homeschooled? Man! That clears up so many questions!”
“You were homeschooled? Why are you so bad at math?”
“You dropped out of homeschooling? What’d you do? Run away from home?”
“Stop singing. It’s terrible.” *one day hears me singing to myself* “Hey you can actually sing? weird.”
“You are the worst and the best.”
^ I still don’t know what that really means or how to take it.

And of course, there is always that look that I see after I’ve been ringing in items at the computer, just sing-talking to myself, often in accents or accompanied with dance moves and self motivational speeches (he asked “may I have the burger with no onion?” and then you said “of course that’s not a problem” but now did you tell the kitchen “no onion” oh yes you did! wowza! you go girl! High five! And the man gets no onion today. thats no onion. *high fives self before continues the order in similar fashion*). I will turn to leave the service station and see a manager or co-worker or occasionally an innocent guest who came to find me for an quick order change just standing and staring. Once eye contact is made, they usually just shake their head and walk away.


I’m sorry for the terrible lack of posts lately. I still have no computer because I really only need to use my smart phone. However, writing, proof reading, editing, and publishing a blog post on a full screen with an actual keyboard has been a luxury and a half. I’ll attempt to post more diligently on whatever I come up with. Maybe one day I will tell you a little more about my hostel. Happy holidays, world.
All my love,

2 thoughts on “Oh Simple Thing, Where Have You Gone?

  1. Your Dad said did you get his text about Grandma? She’s dancing with the angels.
    All I can say about your family is ..bottom line? You love them and they love you. Full stop.

    • he had my old number. I found out last night when a couple friends texted me the “sorry for your loss”. I was at a staff party and it hard to find out that way, but my heart is with you and your brothers. I wish I could be there with you

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