Cold Coffee And Eggs.

Would anyone like to guess what my breakfast is?
If you guessed the title of this post then you are correct! If you guessed something else, then you get points for looking between the lines even though there was nothing there.
Today, I leave. Rather, tonight. At a quarter to 11 pm I will hop on a greyhound with my backpack and my guitar and I will be northern British Columbia bound. First, I have to go to work though. I will be there until 5 and chugging coffee and water until I can no longer blame my hyperness in Christmas excitement.
30 hours on a bus, two fairly decent wait times in a couple cities, and then at 4:30 am on Christmas Eve, I will get to hug the bejeebies out of one of my dearest friends. I am really excited to see my friends, but mostly, my siblings.
My sister whom I used to fight with like crazy is coming home a couple hours after me and I am so incredibly excited to see her. We have so much we need to talk about and Skype once a month just doesn’t cut it.
My younger siblings have been emailing me almost daily with the countdown and I’m looking forward to just hugging them and telling them that things will be okay. Their lives have been topsy turvy the last few months and I just want to be there for them.
My mom of course will be excited to see me and since I’ve inherited her squirrel-like energy when it comes to semi-stressful situations, I’m sure we will sufficiently worry the rest of the family with our crazy laughs and dancing. My step dad, well, he’s always been my daddy. He was the big strong hero when I was little and scared and he never judged me, just accepted. He also gives some of the best longest hugs. Another person who I like hugs from is Dad. He gives big bear hugs though and whenever I was sad he would just wrap me up and do a little shake and it felt like he could send all my problems away. I miss him terribly and can’t wait to show him my guitar and play together.

I used to hate Christmas. The biggest moments in my life have often happened around Christmas. Three years ago I thought I never wanted to see my family again, then last year I wasn’t with my family because I was in Vancouver, and this year I am so excited to see my family. I have packed the same bag I took to Europe but this time I have clothes for 3 days and he bag is filled with presents. I like Christmas this year.
Oh! But te one song that is everywhere and needs to be stopped is “last Christmas I have you my heart” it comes on and I instantly turn into the grinch. Super duper overplayed.

Anyways, off to work I go.
Merry Christmas, world!!!!
All my love, Sarah


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