Home is Here and Here is Now

Christmas was stressful. I love my family very much, and would gladly spend more time with my siblings and a couple friends, but hokey dinah tears galore induced by stress. Smithers is my hometown, I’ll always love it and want to visit but my home is Calgary. I realized I like it here and I want to travel and have here as my base point. That being said, nothing will ever beat the view of my dad’s house and property and that will aways be one of my favourite places on earth.


So peaceful, even as a picture. the real is even more incredible. 
On Thursday Alix turned 19 and we went out with the girls. We had a limo and free entry into a greasy club in Calgary, but it was free so why not. The night was fun but I drank and didn’t sleep much. I worked the next day, a double shift until 11:30 at night, fell asleep at 12:30, woke up at 6 and got ready for work again. Last night I went out with some super cool people and we had some beer. I don’t drink beer usually; I love it but it just gives me a hangover. I like my whiskey waters. Last night I drank beer and it was delicious, but now I am tired and instead of falling asleep like Id like to, I am about to go to a staff party for one of my jobs. I am pretty much ready, I just need to go put on the dress. And call a cab. Tomorrow I am working 10-6 and then I have a second staff party for the other job. I’m debating not going. I’m going to end up with my entire week as a write off because I’ll be exhausted. 
We shall see. I need to focus at work so I get money so I can get a ticket to Jordan. I am looking at going in june or July for a couple weeks maybe. There’s a man in my life now too, so I am sometimes using my free time differently. I like this guy a whole bunch. Maybe I’ll write more about him another time. 

Anyway, I should get dressed and go. but, I thought I would come back from my previous ramblings and let you know I am happy now. A little bitter and sometimes sad, but overall, happy. Its been a long time coming. 
I’ll see more of you yet, world.
All my love, 


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