My Competition

I wish you weren’t so good at everything. 
Even the things you shrug off and say you’re not so good at, you really are. 

I play music, you play better.
I sing, you sing louder and more cheerful. 
I run, you run faster.
I bake classic cookies, you cook roast beef dinner with potatoes and fresh veggies. 
I get skinny, no questioned are asked. You get fit, everyone loves you for it wanting to know your secret. 
I try to give to my friends and think relationships are worth working hard for. You are popular without even trying.
I dance, you dance with way more passion.
I go find adventure, you create adventure wherever you are.

I’m not saying that you don’t work hard for everything you have. In fact, you work harder than anyone I know and your dedication and self-motivation have always been inspirational. 
I guess I just feel like I look up to you so much and if we were a perfect picture, you would look up to me instead.
I always say I don’t need anyone else because I can take care of myself. You show you don’t need anyone else. Not even me. 
Even as I write this, I know that you are writing something thought provoking or funny or anything better. 

I like that you do things that I do, that we have similar interests and such; but, I wish you weren’t so good at everything. 



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