Days Like These.

It is a beautiful day today. I feel like I have accomplished a lot in the 6 hours I’ve been awake. Getting groceries, mailing late Christmas parcels (Okay, really late. I’m sorry.) before driving the truck to the university and running the 6km home are all just the main things. I did laundry and cleaned house too. I smiled and found things to be happy about, I said hello to an old couple walking along the path I was running. I think that maybe being the first to smile and say hello can do more good for yourself than the receiver.

It’s easy to smile when the sun is out. The trick is to smile when the rain comes. I’m not great at it, but I’m practicing because practice makes perfect. That and a few other quotes have become my “New Years Resolutions.” Sayings that I stumbled upon and have been trying to incorporate into my everyday life.

“FAKE IT TILL YOU MAKE IT” is one of those. I try to use this one cautiously because it could be good or bad. For example, If I were to be trying to fix my truck and theres a bunch of guys around, obviously I wouldn’t ask them for help. I’d fake it till I made it. And then that could end badly. Thats just my pride.
For a good example though, sometimes at work, I get so many stupid questions and I really want to bitch-slap the next idiot who makes me list all the salad dressings and then picks the first one I said or ranch. The guest asks,
“Whats on your blahblah salad?” and In my mind I’m thinking
“Did you even read the fricken menu? Its literally right there in front of you. In letters and pretty colours to help sell you on every single delicious ingredient. Do you even know how to read or did you just hear someone mention this salad and you are asking about it to prevent humiliation? Because if you can’t read, I won’t judge you. I’ll sit down with you and we can sound out the ingredients until you hear something you don’t like and decide to change your mind.”
The F.I.T.Y.M.I part is right here when I keep that chipper grin plastered on my face and pretend that I love helping people with basic menu-reading. I fake loving those questions until I actually love those questions.
Yeah, um. Seven years of faking in the industry and its still only cute when the person asking is 10 or under.

Another “mantra” that I actually specifically bought coloured sharpies for to write it out and hang by my door is
“A great attitude makes a great day which makes for a great week which makes for a great month with makes for a great year which makes for a great life.”
Attitude is everything and lately I’ve realized mine kinda stinks. Yes, I am a girl and somedays I really need to just be sad and pissed off for no apparent reason; however, I have a lot I can smile about and when I look at my days and weeks, I have way more smile point than frown points. My goal with this is to make myself focus on the smiles more than the the frowns because in reality, I’ve got it pretty good. I just remind myself of the crap parts of life. That is changing.

“There’s always time for Paris.” Someone said that Audrey Hepburn said this but I think it was actually her character in “Breakfast at Tiffanys” but I could be wrong. In fact, I’m 60% sure that I misquoted the quote. There are a couple different meanings of this to me though. One is that there is always time to travel and even when I’m broke and barely making rent, I should put some money away for that. Seeing the world and becoming educated on different lifestyles and cultures is a priority for me. There always time for adventure.
The other way I take this is “there’s always time for dressing up and being a lady of high society.” I know a girl who isn’t actually that rich or popular, but she buys expensive clothes with the money she makes and she surrounds herself with rich people and follows there crowd forcing herself to stand out while blending in. I don’t like her; but, I admire her. Its pretty cool how she can make herself seem so fun loving and party-all-the-time while she leads the same kind of server life I do.
Growing up on a farm and only going into town once a week, fashion wasn’t a big part of my life. Rather, it was and it was mainly bad fashion. Eventually I grew into a country girl fashion of jeans, tank tops, hoodies, t-shirts, and the occasional flowered summer dress. Traveling and now living in a city I’ve changed that a little bit. I like my mani-pedis and dressing up. I have a bit of a makeup collection now and I love getting lost for an hour in Sephora or Victoria’s Secret. I can throw on a Guess dress and feel pretty and always make time for Paris.

I’m almost 21, I’m not the most accomplished daughter or the most confident go-getter, but I like me where I am. I have a promotion at work, support from the second job, a new relationship with someone who makes me want to better myself for them, and all in all, I am happy. As long as I don’t compare myself to others, I’m happy. Why bother dwelling on yesterday or tomorrow? Days like these go by way to fast.

Share a smile, world.
All my love,




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