A Day Server’s World of Sports

When you work on the restaurant side of a sports bar, you get some occasional dead time to watch the TV’s and catch up on the scores; the sound is off in the dining room of course. There are a couple real sports I pay attention to, such as Hockey and the Canadian Logger Sports. I’ll show you why later. First, I’ll introduce you to my least favourite actives to watch on a dull afternoon. Six sports that are either boring to watch to the soundtrack of early 2000’s pop music or ridiculous in the entirety of the sport itself.

  1. Baseball. 
    I have one friend back in BC who watches baseball. She is a Blue Jays fan and can talk about them the way I yammer on about the Canucks. She is the only person I know who pays attention to baseball. Probably because it is a summer sport and we live in Canada, AKA, not summer.  Baseball is a boring sport to watch with no audio because they are literally playing catch and running. I’d be more interested if they showed more highlights with stills like 
    Image Yeah, I’d watch a replay of that one. 
  2. Bowling.
    This is horrible to watch live, never mind broken down into small highlights of how he held the ball. Watching this sport on mute is anticlimactic and repetitive. They are professional ball rollers. They all get a strike! The highlight of this game is when a pro doesn’t knock down all the pins and they wear a look of immense shame and cry to their teammates. Finally, something different happened.
    Image This poor guy is under so much pressure from his fans.
  3.  Golf. 
    Who in their right mind wants to spend a day stalking someone around for eight kilometres only to watch them beat a tiny ball off a tiny peg into the middle of nowhere? This is a leisurely activity. The only thing exciting about golf is the rumours that surround that world. Image “Yes! I didn’t slip!” 
  4. Darts.
    Oh, the exciting, edge-of-your-seat nerve racking world of darts. Watching middle aged guys who look like they still live with their mothers aim at the board and then still miss the main points section actually makes me grab my hair and exasperatedly ask “Why is this a world championship????” 
    Image Fewer bulls-eyes than a secluded herd of Hefers. 
  5. Poker. 
    Because, who doesn’t want to stare at someone playing cards for money? Why don’t we start a world championship for Buck Hunter or slots? Riveting. Just….
      Image  … oh, Did we win? what? He’s still pondering? Well, I’m going to nap. 
  6.    Old Dads Wrestling.
    Better known as “WWE”, this sport is all about slamming your spandex-clad body onto someone else very dramatically with the purpose of knocking them out and then taking on anyone else who dares to defy you. When this comes on in the Dining Room, I go change the TVs. 

          Image  its like a giant cat fight, except its guys. 


 Now, A few reasons why I like Hockey and Logger Sports? Well, there is high energy, the fans are usually good (except for those few riots) and the players don’t always beat the crap out of each other (except for that Canucks/ Flames game a couple nights ago). And when its a slow tuesday afternoon, its good to keep my attention levels up. 
ImageImageImage Those faces and activities. Hello, Canadian bushmen. 

And an honorary mention for “Entertaining Day Sport” is a little Swedish game called Bandy. From my completely untrained eye, it appears that there are ten hockey players on each team, an Olympic ice rink, a soccer net, a tennis ball, and miniature field hockey sticks for everyone but the goaltender. He just gets gloves.  
Image Theres always such disappointment when they don’t catch the little ball. 


Don’t take my word as fact on these sports though. You may find that I am wrong and Darts is actually a high intensity sport testing your mental, physical, and emotional strength. Bandy, though. 
Stay active, world! 
I’ll explore you soon. 

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