There's always something to smile about.

Today I am going to be managing. I’m not nervous, since I boss everyone around anyway; but, this is the first time I’m not serving. Its been a long time since I’ve not-served. I channeled my big sister who has been my manager, friend, and advisor since I was thirteen years old. She always looks so put together even when I’m the only one who knows she’s been crying from stress. She rocks heels anytime of day or night without complaint, and she knows how to dress. Naturally, she seemed like a good model to be inspired by.

I skyped with my big brother last night and it occurred to us that it has been over a year since we last saw each other face-to-face. Thank goodness for Skype. I miss my big sibs!
I’ve got my coffee perking and my house is nearly cleaned. Even the sun is shining in this -12 weather. After my 9 hour shift, I get to hang out with the boyfriend who I can’t say enough good things about, so even if something goes wrong at work I still have that to look forward to.
Oh! and happy February First. Guess which little chickie is going to be 21 in 13 days? You’re right. Its me.
Its going to be a wonderful day.

All my love, world.


There’s always something to smile about.

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