Cookies In The Oven

   I have zero spare time. Except for this little blip in which I am blogging and spontaneously whipped up some chocolate chip cookies. However, my oven is burning them all. The tops are undercooked, the bottoms: burnt.  

  Work this week has been great until that last table which has been there every day. It’s always a different face and person but always the same “Hey! you dumb server! I’m waving at you! Come serve me!” attitude. Just for the record, If your server makes eye contact with you as she is walking your way, she is probably intending to check on your table. If you give a little wave to say “yes, please come this way” and she nods, she will be on her way shortly. She has priorities. However, once you’ve made eye contact with your server who is walking your way and you wave and yell as if she is blind, chance are you’ll get a curt nod and 5 minutes of being purposely ignored. On monday, this foreign guy snapped at me. After waving and me saying “Yes I’ll be right there” he got out of his chair, walked in my direction snapping and going “Hey! hey!” 
Well, I’m usually pretty even tempered with guests but to him I snapped my fingers, unintentionally gave him the death stare, and said “Hey! HEY! I said I will be right there. I have other people to tend to and I will get to you in a second. That’s rude!” and then I went and tended to every other of my 4 tables and finally went back to the snapper with the Iced Tea I knew he was going to request anyway. They were nice at the table so I was pleasant back and there were no other issues. He even tipped me %15. I know they will be back this week and next week and twice every week after that. 
Oh Joy. 

  I am off to the second job of the day in about 30 minutes and then a shift on Thursday and Friday. Tomorrow night, D, my BFF from back home is coming into town to celebrate my birthday with me on Friday. I have gotten my families cards and packages (Anita) and they sit there in a corner taunting me saying “not yet not yet”. I didn’t get birthday presents last year because I was in Spain and normally I don’t care for gifts anyway, but I’m excited to open things this year. 

Aaand those cookies are burning. I should probably go study tonights menu anyway. 
Stay rested, World. Enjoy burnt cookies more often.
All my love, 


One thought on “Cookies In The Oven

  1. Raise that oven rack and have a word with the landlady. I am cheering for you from here for not taking that crap! But, oh, dear, the Middle East is just as passionate, loud, obnoxious. It’s just the way some folks operate. BUT NOT ON YOUR WATCH! 🙂

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