365 Days of being 21

It begins. 
Well, it began on Friday. My 21st birthday once again fell on Valentine’s Day (its always inconvenient when that happens) and I invited my friends for homemade pizza and apple pie. A close friend from back home came for the weekend and a friend I see on weekends came for the night. The other friends had places to be after the pizza was gone and the three of us girls went out dancing. 
The night was fun. I just want to say that I am never the drunk friend. Drinking isn’t my thing and, although I do like a beer or two with friends, I don’t go out to get drunk. I expect a buzz but I have a limit and I stop. However, on Friday night I was the drunk friend. It was brilliant and will likely not happen again for a very long time. I have a bruise on my shin from the moment I tried to jump up on a box and then missed and instead just kneeled on the edge. I was grinder upon by someone I called “an 18 year old Punk” and as he came from nowhere to grab my body, I screamed really loudly ( he scared me, but it probably didn’t require that decibel of a scream in a club) and he avoided me at all costs after that. There was also a moment where I tried to sneak upstairs because it was VIP and I was guest list so I must be VIP. As I held my friends hand, I started up the stairs, somehow let go of her hand and grabbed the security guard’s hand and still tried to get them upstairs. I ate Mcdonalds and had a lot of water and advil and it was great fun, but I’ve realized that I am a 30 year-old at heart. And at hangovers. So there’s the end of being the drunk friend. 

Saturday consisted of gilmore girls, three pots of coffee, left over pizza, two movies, and pulled curtains to conceal my dehydrated self from the barest glimpse of light. Dorothy and I recovered and Dustin came over and hangout and it was actually a super chill day. Today I went to work and tomorrow is Monday and the week starts again. Back to the system. I’m expecting life to weird these next few days, but as someone pointed out to me, I’m always saying my day is weird. So I suppose I’m just good at being entertained with the same old same old. 


Oh! And Dustin took me out for dinner a week ago and we went to the Calgary tower. It was really really nice and I thought that was my birthday present. It was food, I like food, it was great. But he got me a gift on Friday too. He’s just the greatest! 


Stay Busy, world! 
All my 21 years of love, 



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