My Un-photographed Weekend

I am possibly the guiltiest person when it comes to not taking pictures for memory purposes. 
As in, I take none. My phone stays in my pocket the entire time and I don’t capture any smiling selfies or blurry party pics. 

This past weekend I went to a concert to see Lady Antebellum, Kip Moore, and Kacey Musgraves. My friends and I had nosebleed section seats. And I mean the very back. We were against the wall. We could still see the stage and the performers and for the price we paid it was pretty good.The 5 of us girls stood and danced away the majority of the songs and then took a free shuttle back to our favourite bar, Ranchmans. I had to drive to Edmonton the next morning so I decided not to drink in order to not be hungover; however, I went there to dance and so I danced even when the other girls left at a quarter after 12. I was out on the dance floor singing along and laughing and dancing with people who’s names I never learned when I got a text from Dustin saying he was there as well and if I was still around he’d like a dance. We found each other and danced for quite a while until I realized I had to get home and sleep. I finally got home at 3:30, plus the time change, equaled 4:30 am. At 7 I was up again and off to Edmonton to see my little sister and my mom. The sister is going to be 13 at the end of the month so I have been saving up tips for the last two weeks in order to give her a mini shopping spree. We got her all the things that you can not get in tiny northern BC towns such as non-wharehouse one jeans and decent sports bras. For the first time, she actually got to try things on for size and decide if she liked them rather than my other sister and I just calling her for her measurements and then sending her packages of things. After shopping, we went and climbed around in some ropes for a while. That was fun and slightly knee-weakening.

Eventually I gave hugs goodbye and drove the three hours home to bed from which I did not leave until one in the afternoon the next day. Three doubles, a 12-8, and a management shift are on the go now as I am slammed into the middle of another work week. I’m tired and a little stressed, but nothing worse than I’ve dealt with before.

All my Love

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