Spring Time and Strawberry Jam

Tomorrow is the first official day of Spring in Calgary. Our weather report is calling for anywhere between 2- 10 centimetres of snow. However, today and yesterday were both warmish and I’ve been running home from one job, showering, eating, and going to the next. With my first job finished, I began the 5 kilometre run home. Twenty-six sweaty minutes later I was in the shower and starving. I have to go to the next job in half an hour here so I had some rice cakes with Peanut butter and strawberry jam because that reminds me of summer. 
Life has been busy trying to squeeze in work, fitness, downtime, reading, and boyfriend into the tight schedules everyone else is on; but, its working well. I’m tired yet happy and exciting things are gearing up for take off. In about 8 weeks I am running my first race and my first half marathon in Red Deer. In June I am off to Jordan and I am SO INCREDIBLY EXCITED! I get to go to a continent I’ve never been to and see people I haven’t seen in over a year. I think it will be amazing. When I return from Jordan, I am going to finish my one job and go full time at my current part time job. Its a smaller restaurant with the small business/ neighbourhood mindset that I love. I want to learn as much as I can from the people who own and run that. I’m excited for that because my managers are really invested into the growth and maturing of their employees. During August I’ll also be finding a new house with Alix, packing up the old one, and taking road trip to BC with Dustin. 

Time flies when you’re having fun. And when you have to go to work, which is my current position. 
Stay happy, World! 
All my Love, 



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