Sleeping Alone: 4:41

I have a very talented family, one person in particular. My sister has been writing songs ever since we were 8 and 9 and we would hold concerts in my dad’s basement until 3 in the morning. She’s written some in Canada and posted them on youtube, some of which I have shared. In Boston, however, she is in her element and  she and her music are thriving on the life experiences of being 20 in a country thats not your own. She is studying song writing at Berklee and has developed skills in writing for the singer, not only the instruments. 

Her latest one is not even “released” via Facebook yet, but I have replayed it over 50 times. Its so sad yet so hopeful, beautiful and emotional, a mature song about the mistakes we make as young adults. Here is the song that I think is of the same caliber as Lady Antebellum’s “Need You Now.” 

 If that was a little too slow for your preference, here is a pop/electric song. The same girl sings on both tracks and I really love how she portrays the emotion in both songs. 

I think both of these songs have “Big Break” potential for everyone involved as musicians, producers, singers, writers. So, if you like them, listen, like, and share. 
My little sister has always said she would do great things; look at her go. 

Stay dancing, world. 
All my love, 

P.S. That “little” sister of mine? She turns 20 tomorrow. She’s amazing. 


2 thoughts on “Sleeping Alone: 4:41

  1. Some of the emails Im receiving are coming in all wacky. For the record YOU all are pretty darned amazing with bouts of normalness

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