39 Days

This week has been off to a good, sore start. I am making sure I’m running every day as well as some sort of other muscle training. On Monday, after I got off work, I went for a simple 5 and a half km run and it was alright. Yesterday the sun was shining and it was beautiful out so I ran home from one job and I took the 6 km route which also happened to be the hilly route. My second job of the night is on two levels and there are a lot of stairs. My legs hurt so bad! But it was a good hurt. I have 39 days until I’m on a Red Deere route running a half marathon. 
26 kilometers. 
The farthest I’ve ever ran is 12. And I walked. But I am dedicated to this. I miss my friend who I was supposed to train with. We are signed up together but she had to leave suddenly for work and I don’t know if she will be able to be home for the marathon. So I am training as if she were here and I’m hoping something works out. I have no ride, no accommodation, and know no-one in Red Deere so it will be like extreme hosteling in a way. 
39 days only begins my countdowns.
In 53 days I will be running a light 10km race with Dustin. ( I got my boyfriend to agree to letting me sign him up. I’m excited. He hasn’t ran since high school.) In 76 days I will be heading to Jordan to see my handsome friends and their beautiful motherland. I am so excited to see Petra and of course they live in Amman so I will get a wonderful tour of their city first hand. 
84 days are left until I’m back in my favourite city in the world, Los Angeles. I will get to spend 4 wonderful nights on beaches and meeting world travellers once again! 
And finally, the countdown that will end my adventurous summer, 131 days until Dustin and I road trip to BC and I get to see my siblings and parents again. We are going home to watch the kids in the Fall Fair and 4H events and also to meet the families and show each other around our home towns. I’m looking forward to it. I have a feeling he is already dreading the 6 and 7 hour days trapped in the vehicle with me though. I get annoying and pesky on road trips….

Suddenly its august and I’m finding my own place, working one solid job, enjoying the last bit of Calgary’s summer. But I’ll write about that when the time comes. 
Stay happy, World. 
All my love, 


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