The Quadrant.


I am lucky in a twisted way. I got to grow up as the second youngest/ middle child of my father’s children and also the oldest of my mother’s. While I am protective over my younger siblings, I have lately been missing my older two. I always feel the youngest of this quadrant though. This picture was taken almost two years ago when Cory, my favourite big sister, bought me skydiving for a graduation present. (My family gave me hugs, a nostalgic photo album, skydiving, and a trip to anywhere as long as I stayed for 6 months. I got the hint and hightailed it out of town so they could miss me and vice versa.) I last saw her at the end of June 2013. I have skyped with her maybe once or twice, and although I text her to make plans so have a phone conversation, we both work such busy schedules that it hasn’t happened in far too long. I think of her a lot because I am slowly moving up into positions in the industry that she once held. I find myself dressing like her, accessorizing like her, and every time I am stressed at work or am unsure of how to handle a situation, I think “What would Cory do?” She is a strong woman who’s business and management skills I hope have carried through to me.
Then there’s Rob. My big brother and co-middle child, I never was close with him until I turned 18 and moved to Vancouver to spend a summer working and living with my biggies. He and I spent more time together and realized that we actually have a lot in common. I Skype him minimum twice a month if not every week. The last time I saw him was the day before I left for Spain, January 10, 2013. Today we realized that we will be reunited for a day in Vancouver in June before he jets off to New York and I jet off to Jordan. However, the day is only a teaser as we also have an overlapping weekend in Los Angeles. I finally get to go to LA with my brother, a year after we originally planned. I think it is possibly the number one thing I am looking forward to in July.
The beautiful pixie-cut darling in the middle here is Elena. Growing up everyone said I coddled her and let her manipulate me. Maybe I did. I know I did. I gave her my holiday spending money because, really, what was I going to spend it on anyway? I blamed things on her because she was my little sister, but I also took her punishments because I was her big sister. She is my inspiration, incredible and talented. We fought like the worst of them growing up. I think we still get testy if we are forced to spend an extended amount of time in each others’ sole company. However, when theres a new boy, or a heartbreak, or I need to vent or talk to someone who doesn’t have time for my problems, I go to her. I think of her as my twin. I was never her idol, she was never my tag-a-long. We were simply each others best friend and inconvenience, someone we shared chores with and wore matching dresses with every holiday. I Skype with her maybe every month or 6 weeks, and since she’s a broke college student unable to afford international texting, we chat on Facebook occasionally through the weeks. I last saw her at Christmas, December 29th, 2013. I will most likely see her again Christmas 2014 but that is so far away still.
These are my siblings; the people I fought with and the people who taught me how to fight. They shaped me into who I am today.
I have four younger siblings as well. They are another story for another time.
Today I am missing home. I am missing Dad’s house and the lake. I miss the rain falling on the tin roof of the shed outside my bedroom window, and I miss playing guitar quietly in my room while listening to Dad play and sing in the living room downstairs. I miss the weekends on the lake.
I miss my family.  



There is my handsome father. Words can’t describe how great a big bear big from this man would be. 
Happy belated family day, World. 
All my love, 


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