My Easter Weekend.

My weekend began with two double shifts. Life of a server, what can I say? With a shift change, I also got two days off consecutively which were spent attending an easter service at a new church and then making chicken dinner for two with Dustin. The sun shone and the birds chirped, encouraging us to go for a stroll in a rare afternoon that it actually felt like spring. Sunday was so perfect and fun, filled with laughs and smiles and teasing and food. Nothing is complete without food. 
And then Monday rolled around which meant Dustin had to study for his week of exams and I had no excuse not to run. So I ran through the mall. It was on my way home and I needed a new pair of heels and some jeans. Unfortunately, Victoria’s Secret doesn’t carry jeans or heels, but it does have bikinis! I love bikinis. My only chance of wearing them is still two months away in L.A. when I’ll have 8 days;, therefore, I can get up to 8 bikinis. That makes sense, right? 
After buying bikinis, I took advantage of our balmy 16 degree weather and lay out in the sun for a while; of course, I wore the new suit. I also ate a sandwich. With a slight headache from the sun, I came inside and turned on the TV where they were covering the Boston Marathon. 
Inspiration. In a month I will be running half a marathon and, though I know I can do it, I want to do it well. Today’s run made me think I might just do that. I ran 11 kilometres in an hour and four minutes. It was one of my better runs of the year and definitely my longest. My favourite part was when I hit the 10k mark and was only just starting to feel a burn in my legs and core. I ran the rest of the way home feeling like I could run the entire route all over again. 
So, that was today. Tomorrow is a double shift with a 5k run in between, and my next day off is in 9 days. If my relaxing, yet productive, weekend can influence my week I am looking forward to it. 
Lets do something, world. 
All my love, 


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