Work, Run, Dance.

That is my life. I work, I run, and when it all becomes too much, I dance. 
Tomorrow is day four of the 6 day work week I let myself accept at the one job. Today was a kind of break as I wasn’t serving, but managing instead, so that was a nice change. However, in four weeks I won’t be working there any longer and I won’t have to wear miniskirts and high heels as a uniform unless I feel like dressing up for work. At the end of May I will final be finished at the job I didn’t want to start back in August.
I am not complaining. I have loved being there. All the countless times of bitching to my manager about how terrible the closes were and how much everyone slacked and got away with it, all the little things I nitpicked, they were all totally worth every minute of added stress because I got to work with some of the most amazing people I’ve met in this world. I made friends out of co-workers, and for me, thats hard to do. I’m really going to miss everyone. 
In three weeks I am running my first race since the three-legged race I ran when I was 12. I am running in the Red Deer half marathon with a  dear friend, Kaitlyn, on the 17th. Training for that has only just picked up and Ifeel like I would notice it more if I’d stop eating so much ice cream. Unfortunately, I find myself addicted to both ice-cream and running. There are worse things I could do. 
Tonight I ran a sunset route of 10km in 51 minutes. I was so proud of myself and also excited, because I think I can soon do it even faster.  I’ve realized that just when my legs are looking their best, I am no longer going to be required to show them off at work. Oh well. 
On Saturday I plan to go dancing at Ranchman’s, the greatest country bar and dancehall in Canada. I haven’t graced their doors in a month or so and miss it there. 
And just like that I have summed up my past month and my next week. 
Run like its race day, World. 
All my love, 

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