The Little Things

People always say that it’s the little things that are so important in a relationship. This past weekend I started thinking about the traits that are unique to each of my friends and family and I saw that sometimes it’s a constant habit they’ve done since being a child and others are actions that become tells of being stressed or nervous.
My best friend back home will get really excited or hyper and she’ll take her palm mushing it against her abnormally squishy nose and rub it in a circle. If she isn’t doing that she will put her head down, palms together, and rub them together with lightning speed as if she’s trying to light a fire. I’ve noticed that when I really miss her, I tend to pick up her little habits.

My dad tends to use the word “anyway” as a transition between his story, the off topic side stories, and back to the main story. He drags it out in a very specific way too. “ANyway” he says. That, and the way he answers the phone with a usually cheerful “Yellow.” I can’t help but smile whenever I call home or when I get sidetracked in story telling and “anyway” my way back to the main plot.

My roommate has the greatest unimpressed stink face I’ve ever seen. If she’s tired and unimpressed, I can tell because she purses her lips, raises her eyebrows, and sighs but her mind still goes a mile a minute.

I think these little things say so much about a person. They are the tells, the ticks, the miniature habits that have been picked up from our youth and stuck with us to this day. It makes me look forward to 40 years from now. The world could be thriving or in a war, and yet I will watch for the palm rubbing or the stink face and I will smile at how the little things have stayed the same.

Observe today, world.
All my love,

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