Then and Now

This reminds me of Edinburgh. I’m sitting in a Starbucks and watching the cloudy skies pelt rain on the pedestrians outside while i listen to the indie music and blog on my phone.
The weather is Calgary in May, so I’m told. Two days ago we had buckets of snow and it should be expected until June apparently.

Today is Monday and my Mondays are typically long and not overly enjoyable; however, this morning I woke up to a smile and a “good morning, gorgeous.” So I really have nothing to complain about. In Edinburg, I was daydreaming about moments like this when I would feel like even the weather couldn’t rain on my parade. Today I’m on cloud nine and I may be the only one who sees the sun trying to peek out from behind the gloomy clouds in the sky.

I got a text telling me my racing partner is unable to make the race in two weeks and now I need to make my own plans, but I’m excited. Ill figure it out. In this next month of darkness and grey skies, I’m trying to be optimistic. This summer hold so much promise and opportunity for me. I’m looking forward to each and every day.

Thanks for reading two posts today, world.
All my love,


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