The Great Summer

Today, I am a week away from my first event of The Great Summer. 
Woody’s Marathon. The Red Deere marathon of which I am running half. In 5 days I will be huffing and puffing my way through 21 kilometres of riverside pathways and inner city hills. I even have people coming to watch me at the end, Dustin and his mom. 
I have been running stairs, doing crunches, lunges, burpees, 10ks, 5ks, and missing the bus in order to speed walk to the train station for the last month. I am excited for this race. My very first race. I’ll get a medal if I’m not dead last across the finish line! I’ll get coffee and water right after I’m done! And the shower will probably be the greatest one of my life. ( Although, the first shower I had abroad was pretty amazing because I had been stuck in airports and then got lost at 1 am while trying to find my hostel in Barcelona. Another great shower was the first one back in Canada where I had unlimited water and didn’t have to hit a button every 15 seconds for a burst of luke- warm or scalding hot water.) Those 21 kilometres are only the first of thousands that I will be crossing this summer. 

I only have 5 and a half weeks until I am off to Vancouver, Paris, Amman, Los angeles… 
Thats a three week trip! Suddenly, its the middle of July and my trip is over. I’ll be over the middle of The Great Summer, full of new stories and adventures to re-tell, countless new acquaintances and friends added to Facebook and instagram so that I can follow them as they continue travels.  My book shelf will hold a couple more trinkets, my fridge -a couple more magnets, my wrist- a few more bracelets, and my vocabulary- a few new words in another language. I’ll start new countdowns until when I get to see my friends again and I’ll love my job because it will give me a chance to tell my stories to few tables who ask how my summer has been and care about the details. 

The Great Summer doesn’t end here, though. Six weeks later, and I will be hugging my favourite little siblings, and being hugged by my mom and dad and hero. I will be able to wake up in my old bedroom, see the lake out window and the mountain out the other. I’ll get dipping eggs and coffee, and morning guitar music. There will be rodeos and dances, meeting of families, and adventures that I won’t find anywhere else in the world. 

That will be the end of august and the official end of The Great Summer. 
Stay adventurous, World. 
All my love, 


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