Disrespecting My Elders In The 21st Century: Unfriending on Facebook.

On most occasions, I am very respecting of people older than me regardless of whether or not I like them. It was how I was raised and its how I will raise my children. However, there are some adults who act like children and I am a little too honest about my opinion with them. 

One of these people is my ex step mother, and yes, she’s a witch. Really though, she’s pagan or wiccan and reads cards and its actually pretty cool but she’s also crazy and I find her really annoying. (If the person in context is reading this, sorry for your hurt feelings. Go post a status about it.) For many years after her and my father’s divorce, I pretended to go along with the “I miss you.” lines my sisters handed out and I visited her when I was in town. Then she got married for the hundredth time (oh, my mistake. it was only her 4th.) and she was drunk at her wedding before the vows were said, and I realized she was marrying this German guy for his money so that he could get a citizenship. 
All shreds of respect that remained: lost. 
Her Facebook was constantly updated with “Woe is me” and “wah wah, my life isn’t going as perfect as I want it too, its terrible.” statuses. Her way of communicating with her children was the occasional post on their wall of “Where the hell are you? I am your mother. You better answer your phone when I call, dammit!” followed by a status of “after all I’ve done of my sons, and I still can’t get them to call me once a week. I just wish they knew I loved them.” 
And then there came, 23 months after her inebriated vows were spoken, status updates daily of “My hubby is the greatest, just cooked me some delicious dinner.” at least three times a week. Her life was suddenly so great. Until she hurt her back at work and then her husbands dad DIED and he had to fly back to Germany for the funeral. Her Facebook status read something along the lines of
“I’m so sorry for my husband and his family. He is flying to Germany today for his father’s funeral. I wish I could go. I’ve been needing to get away, but unfortunately my back is in such pain and my doctors say I can’t go back to work or even in a car for the next week. “

What. The. Hell. ? 
Your father-in-law just died and you still managed to make the situation about you?! WHO DOES THAT?!

I was so close to deleting her off Facebook. but little voices kept saying “She’s kinda like family, Sarah. You can’t unfriend family.” So I didn’t. Then I got heard from my friend that at a little family christmas dinner she was asking my brother and cousin about my mom and my dad and divorce drama and every little detail that is none of her business. But it was the key phrase of her asking my brother “Did you hear about Sarah’s mom?” that really ticked me off. So I wrote her a dignified message and told her my family was none of her business and if she was going to start talking about my mother she better have talked to my mother firsthand. I got a simple reply of “Excuse me? Where is this coming from? We were just chatting. and I’m sorry, but my life has kind of been crazy lately so Its sometimes nice to talk about other peoples lives for a change. I thought your father raised you to be a little more respectful of your elders.” 

I didn’t reply. I just let it sit there with the “Read” and the time stamp showing her just how close I was to losing my cool with her. 
A few months ago, her status read “Well friends, the rumours are true. I am once again single. To all of you who say ‘oh she’s done it again, divorced and drinking.’ well I’m very picky about what I want in a life partner and I was wrong about this one too. People will talk I guess.” 
I wanted to grab her by her little blonde head, shake it really hard and yell in her face, “NOBODY CARES!!!!!!!” get the hell over yourself.” 
So, I did. Well, I unfriended her on Facebook. 
This brings us to tonight, when I was skyping with one of my best friends who just so happens to be the witch’s niece. My friend was sitting on her bed and her aunt walked in and spoke with her, saw I was on the camera, continued talking, and then went to leave. 
I thought I heard a “Bye, girls.” and so I replied with “Bye.” 
She turned and asked, “what was that?” 
“Oh, Sarah just said hey.” My friend told her. 
“Well,  ask her why she unfriended me on Facebook!” she replied, in a tone appropriate for a 13 year old girl upset that her father won’t let her date a 16 year old boy. Also, I was right there. She could see me on the screen. And she still wouldn’t speak to me. 
My friend asked, “You unfriended her?” in a very innocent way, knowing that I was about to be far to blunt and honest for her liking. 
“Yeah.” I told her. “I was tired of all the bitchy, whiny posts.” 
“WOW. Ha.” Her aunt said. “Well does she know how difficult my life has been lately?” 
“Yes!” I spoke up. “Everyone knows how difficult your life always is lately. just wah wah posts about poor you. Its annoying. I didn’t want to read that anymore.” 
My friend had her head in her hands and she peered through her fingers at me with a look that let me know that she was slightly impressed but also mostly unimpressed with the current conversation. 
“Well then. A little sympathy might have been nice but whatever. ” Was the last comment I heard as Ex-step-mother left the room, closing the door behind her. 

Yes, that was maybe a little bit rude of me. But I would totally do it again. If she would’ve just accepted the fact that I don’t want to be her friend on Facebook anymore, things wouldn’t have gotten so out of control. But no. 
We live in a century where it is now inappropriate to spank your children and its rude to unfriend people on a social networking site. 
I just pray I don’t get some kind of spell cast on me or anything now. 
Choose your battles, world. 
All my love, 


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