Sleepless in Seattle’s Airport.

Six hours is a lot of time when you are confined to a large secured building with people who you don’t know. I can’t think straight, I’ve had limited hours of sleep, and I can’t seem to connect sentences properly. Here are thoughts that have been thunk by yours truly in the last five hours.

I’m watching all the planes take off and the guys in the luggage carriers zip around the asphalt in those snazzy little golf carts. I wonder if I limp to my gate if they’ll offer me a free ride in one of those.

The name “virgin airlines” is rather ironic since their entire mission is to get around.

This airport has wooden rocking chairs which is quaint and unique. This is offset by the smell of ketchup and bacon wafting through this entire zone.


Do seattletons have an accent? Because every security personnel that I’ve talked to so far has been very twangy and rather drawly.

The following people are making their way to gates N and S. That’s how far through the alphabet we have to walk here. That’s a lot of freaking gates.
Let’s start with the 8 year old boy who’s mother dressed him in a matching track suit. Stripes down the side and everything. They’ve gotta be European. There’s a business man who looks like the less famous guy from “Two and half men.” Following him is an Asian lady dressed in all white and daintily carrying a pag. That’s my new name for a purse that’s big enough to qualify as a bag. She doesn’t look pleased to be at the airport at this ungodly hour. Finally, there is an older couple speed walking through as they glance at the departure times. They bicker, agree, and move on in a matter of thirty seconds.
There is also a kids play place across from me but I think its illegal in the states to observe children and document their antics. Everything’s illegal here.

This morning’s flight put me in a decent mood because the flight attendant began the safety speech by saying “alright, I know we literally just came and checked that you all had seat belts on, but if you turn your attention to the front we would like to show you how you did that.”
And then he ended the safety speech with “and now we will be doing a final walk through to make sure that not only did you match your shoes to your outfit today, but also that your bags are safely stowed beneath the seat in front of you.”

I’m excited for this adventure.
Next stop, Paris!
Aw reviour ….?
I need to find a Canadian flag, stat. The French are going to hate me otherwise. (From what I understand, they hate most things and easily.)
Stay wise, world.
All my love, sarah.

P.S. Shout out to my mother who homeschooled me, teaching me Latin and German but not my bilingual country’s second language. LOVE YOU! 🙂
At least I can explain to people the meaning behind really random English words derived from Latin though.


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