Paris: the layover

I’ve been in this airport for nearly 6 hours now.
I haven’t smelled fresh air since two days ago it feels like;really, it’s been almost 24 hours. The washrooms in this airport are disgusting and there is hair everywhere. It’s repulsive.

My leg had the worst shin splints/ cramps when I got off the plane and I was exhausted and hungry. It was 8 in the morning Paris time and midnight sarah time. I hobbled my way to the food court area and got trapped talking to Frank From Hong Kong about the making of balsamic vinaigrette and whether or not it was from the plants entirely. (No clue. I just smiled and nodded at him as he practiced his English and debate skills.)
Finally he sat somewhere else and I Bee-lined to the other end of the eating area.
I’ve fallen asleep at gate L46, gate L42, and then after moving to my departure gate L21, I slept there too. Always as comfortable as you can be in an airport. Jet lag makes even the worst places bearable. I woke up at L21 in a muddle of confusion and French announcements with only one hour before I left. As I wondered where everyone was. I saw the screen above me flashing telling us that our gate to Amman had changed. So I meandered and gained information that the flight has been delayed slightly. I bought m&ms and a vitamin water and now I’m sitting at gate L31 waiting for passengers to disembark and stewardesses to clean so that I can be on another 5 hour flight to see friends I haven’t seen in almost a year to date.
I’m tired and I stink. I’m completely incoherent about what time I should be functioning on, and I’m itchy all over from airplane air and airport air.
My day started Tuesday at 3:30 am and I think it’s now Wednesday at 2 pm and I should hopefully arrive at my final destination at 9 tonight.
I’ve slept five times; three 2 hour stints and two 45 minute stints.
This is officially the longest day of the year.
Sleep well, world.
All my love,


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