Twenty-Three Hours Out Of Amman

I want to begin by saying that writing this is harder than one might think. It’s 5 pm, 8 bajillion degrees outside, and the only acceptable thing to do in this weather is find a dark room with a bed and spread out across it so not a single piece of you is touching. I’m working up more of a sweat just laying here typing than I ever have in training for half marathons. (Slight exaggeration. Very slight.)

It’s hard to believe that I have only been here for three days. It’s been an incredible trip with so many amazing memories made already. The first day here we went to some old places around the city. There is still a big roman gladiator theatre in the middle of the parks and it had a small museum inside part of the caves.


That night, we met up with one more friend. He is studying for final exams so he hasn’t spent much time out and about. The guys bought some cognac and coke and Ice. We sat in a park and drank and talked. I haven’t laughed that hard in over a year. These guys are absolutely crazy which is why we get along so well.


I returned to the hostel shortly after midnight, drunk, happy, and preparing to wake up in less than four hours. We had tickets for a tour in Petra and Wadi Rum and the bus left at 6 so the boys were picking me up at 5. We were told to expect to return at 1 am.
Faris, Yazan, and I sleepily got on the bus and unsuccessfully tried to sleep for the three hour ride to Petra. The bus took breaks and left late so we didn’t get to Petra until 10:30 almost. Our long day hadn’t even begun.
Thankfully, it was still cool despite the sun bearing down as we made our way through the Siq. Every time I came around a corner I was holding my breathe in anticipation of what I would see. I’ve seen the pictures of the treasury and I had some idea of what to expect, but every one told me words and pictures couldn’t do it justice. And they were right.




Also, I rode on a camel. The riding is like a horse. The getting up and down, and the baring of its teeth at its handler was like a camel.


We only got three hours in Petra which wasn’t enough time. So I will be back one day without a tour bus and no watch. I’ll just hike and see the entire place. After we got back on the bus, we started toward Wadi Rum. It is a huge series of rocks in the middle of the desert. There are a few Bedouin camps out there and the run tours. We got there around 4:30 and climbed into trucks and went out through the sand dunes to watch the sunset. They say that Wadi Rum is the best place to see the stars because you are so close to them. You can camp out there as well with the bedouins.



After sunset we were taken back to the camp where they fed us and there was music and dancing. We were so tired though that after we are we went back to the bus. It left around 11:30 or midnight and we tried, more successfully, to sleep on the way back. By 3:30 I finally got back to my hostel. I wanted to just fall into bed and not move but I was so covered in sweat and sand that I had to shower or I wouldn’t have slept well. A long cold shower later I was in bed fast asleep until 12:30 today. It was still not enough sleep but I didn’t want to waste the whole day.

In a couple hours, Faris will be picking me up again and we will either go to a festival in Jerash, or we will get Yazan and go to the Dead Sea. I’m
Not sure yet. The boys are arguing about what I will enjoy more and I’m to sleepy and sunshined out to mind. I’m happy wherever we go because what we don’t do today we can do tomorrow.
Except drink. Ramadan starts tomorrow so the guys have said we must drink together one last time tonight because then they cannot for a month. I asked them and most of the young people only fast out of tradition. I don’t understand it.

Stay hungry and adventurous, world.
All my love,



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