The Best of Smiles

Last night was an incredible night. The guys and one of their friends and I went driving and car dancing for probably 5 hours. We’d drive for a while and then we’d meet some of their friends and talk for a bit, then we’d go on driving some more. It was a really fun night full of inside jokes and obnoxious laughter because we were all so tired. Part of our drive took us to Ikea so we went and had hotdogs and took photos with the mascots in the kids section. We also played on the escalator and cart Reilly for a little bit. It was the kind of fun you have with friends you’ve known for years, and that’s how it feels between us. I don’t know why our paths crossed when they did if not only for us to impact each others lives in the best ways possible.


Stay beautiful, world.
And L.A. I will see you tomorrow.
All my love,

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