The Long Post For The Long Day: Part 1

I have been away for a few days, but I’m back to fill you in on what my weekend has been like this far.
To sum it up in one word: long.
It began on Thursday morning, July 3rd. I woke up at 7 am Jordanian time (which is 10pm Cali time Wednesday night) and I started packing my things and getting ready for my last day in that beautiful country. Yazan was supposed to pick me up at 8 and by 8:30 there was no sign of him. I was tired (5 hours of sleep), I was a little stressed (leaving a place I wasn’t ready to leave yet), and I was hungry (Ramadan forbade any food or drinks in public and I hadn’t bought food for my room). I texted and texted and no answer so I finally paid a stupid amount for the hostel breakfast and I ate and wrote about how pissed off I was. Finally at 9:45 I got a text from Yazan saying sorry and he slept in but he was on his way. I forgave and got ready and this time he did pick me up. We went to his university and attended his last lecture and then we went to say good byes with his family. Faris eventually met up with us and we went for a drive and just hung out. That night we went for Kafkas, which is probably spelled wrong, but it was cheese and coconut and syrup.
Mmhmm. It was the sweetest and cheesiest thing I’ve ever tried and I, the biggest sweet tooth I know, found it to be too much. To be fair, we had just eaten dinner to I was pretty full from that.
We finished our traditional Arabic treat and met up with the fourth essential person of our group, Anas. We hugged and said goodbyes and laughed. A moment of telling our favourite parts of the trip and another hug later and Yazan and Faris whisked me off to the airport. Those goodbye were not easy because I normally feel excited to go and be off to the next adventure, but in that airport I felt sad and like my heart was cracking a bit. I really did not want to leave yet. One week was enough time to see the country but it wasn’t enough to visit sufficiently with my friends. I don’t know if I would ever tire of them.
I gave one last wave and walked through security without looking back. The next thing I knew, I was on the 1:30 am red eye to Paris. I passed out before we even took off and I slept for about 2 hours. Then I wrote and wrote and filled four pages of my travel journal about how amazing Jordan was. The plane landed in Paris at 5:30 am. After disembarking I found a salon for a manicure and then I found some small excuse for breakfast. I wrote more until I was emotionally drained and all my memories were documented in heartfelt detail. A few tears were spilled but very confused ones. I’m happy I went and sad it’s over and I’m happy to see my boyfriend soon but sad to go home.

By 8 am I was able to sneak in a 40 minute nap before finding my gate and getting ready to board. We left Paris at 10:45 Friday morning, 11:45 am Jordan time, 1:45am Cali time. That made almost 28 hours of me being awake and only 4 hours of sleep. Once we boarded the flight to LAX I tried to sleep again but I ended up chatting with the lady beside me. I did sleep for another 2 hours in the middle. The flight was uneventful, but 11 hours,therefore making my landing time 1pm Friday Cali time and 11pm Jordan time.
Time awake: technically 40 hours.
Time asleep: technically 6 hours.

The jumbo jet was landed and I found my bags and made it through customs. I met up with my brother and we waited outside on the curb for his friend to pick us up. I was sleepy and jet lagged and a little bit surprised when a shiny black Porsche drove up and stopped beside us.
I looked at my brother, Rob, and he said “Here’s Shayn. Get in.”

Part 2 of the longest day ever continues shortly.
Read on, world.
All my love, sarah.

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