The Long Post For The Long Day: Part 2

* I had posted this immediately after part 1 and I guess it never went through. Oops. *

A shiny black Porsche stopped in front of me as I stood on the curb by LAX. Not sure if this was our ride, I looked at Rob who smiled and told me, “this is Shayn. Get in.” A handsome man got out of the drivers seat, gave me a hug and asked about my trip as he put my bag into the trunk. We got back in the car and I stared at it not wanted to touch anything. The guys talked for a while until we eventually found ourselves on the top floor of a beautiful apartment on sunset boulevard. We quickly dropped my bags off, I changed into shorts and a t-shirt, and we left to visit the Grove. It was a fancy outdoor shopping centre with the Cheesecake Factory and a movie theatre and all. We saw transformers; or, they saw transformers, I snoozed. And after the movie, my brother told me we were going to a gay bar that night. We went to nordstroms and Shayn picked up a shirt and shorts and told me to try them on. The shirt was a sleeveless flowy, artful piece and the shorts were pleated black dress shorts. I tried them and they fit perfectly, but now I needed shoes to match. I stepped out of the change room and went to pay for the clothes when Shayn tools them and bought for me! “You’re robs sister so you’re practically family.” He told me. I didn’t know what to say other than a lot of Thankyous.
In a state of shock mixed with jetlag, I followed the guys to another store where they sold knock offs of designer shoes. Again, Shane handed me a pair with order to try then on for size. He had my shoe size right too. Rob spoke up and said “I’m buying your shoes. You need a real Hollywood experience.”
So, with a pair of Louie Vuitton heels in my ownership and my outfit so perfectly put together, I was ready to go out in Hollywood. But not without some stellar makeup first. So my brother made a call to his friend who does celebrity makeup and for two bottle of wine she said we could come over and she’d do me up. It was so cool!

Rob and I went to a gay bar called Fubar where a bunch of his friends work, and it was loud and hot and fun. But I was exhausted and losing energy by the minute. It was 1am Friday morning by the time we left the bar, I’d lost count of my carefully tallied sleepless hours, but it was somewhere around 62 hours. I was falling asleep in the bar and I wanted to hold up a sign that said “I’m not drunk! I’m a jet lagged world traveller! Let me sleep!”
It was a crazy night and a crazy long weekend.

On Saturday, Rob, Shayn and I got into the car and drove to Laguna beach where we celebrated Independence Day and got a lot of sun. (Anita, I wore a ton of sunscreen and only burnt a little.)

Now I’m in my hostel bed trying to catch up on sleep and avoid the sun. You know, Greek mythology claimed that redheads turned into vampires after they died. And with this high intolerance to the sun, the amount of people I don’t like, and how much i sleep during the day, I’m stating to understand the Greeks.

Stay sun safe world!
All my love, sarah


One thought on “The Long Post For The Long Day: Part 2

  1. Ha! I was totally ramping up on the grizzled, leathery, lizard-like skin lecture and melanoma/basal cell carcinoma when I got to the end of your beautiful blog. Glowing is for pregnancy and menopause, not sunburn. You know it. I’m glad. What a fabulous trip you’ve had!!

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