My Controversial Life: A Social Media Lesson.

This past week I have put myself into a few controversial situations thanks due to Facebook and the magical “share” button. So far I’ve learned that I don’t think the same way as many of my friends, family, or government, and people will choose to ignore things they don’t want to believe. I’m lining them both under the “Two Sides To Every Story” category of emotional self defence.

To begin, I’m sure you’re aware there is a tragically awful war going on between Israel and Palestine. Well, as a Canadian I should follow my government and go “Pro Israel” and give them all my undying support because Hamas is the bad guy and a terrorist, right? Sure, if I was a person to conform to the ideas that the Harper government wishes me to believe and conform too. But, I’m not. I am my Father’s hippie child, I prefer that countries not fight and mind their own business, and I read the news enough to be classified as a reasonably knowledgeable adult when it comes to world affairs.
I understand that wars need to be fought sometimes. I understand that Jews want their land and whatever is going on is something I can’t fully grasp because the bottom line to me is that both Israel and Palestine are firing rockets into schools, downtown areas, and homes of families that have done nothing wrong against the world or opposing side other than being born in their country. But I also tend to want to help the poorest of poor and the ones who aren’t getting aid. Palestine is the little guy here. Yes they are fronted by an insane terrorist group that is responsible for the lack of care of their people. But over 200 Palestinian deaths and the four boys yesterday, makes me want to go there and help in refugee camps ( which are more like prisons as it is but at least they aren’t being bombed at.) The way I see it, Israel is huge, they have a major army vs Palestine’s minor population. And so the big guy is backed by the US and Canada and all these other people who are helping them do to extinguish the Palestinians. They are trying to eliminate a race and a country and have been for many many years and that is so stupid and disgusting. But Hamas is asking for it as they refuse the cease-fire on a loosing war. It’s never going to make sense.
So, there is my opinion. Did I make a point of saying that I’m not for either one of these countries to “win” with gunfire? because I’m not going to cheer when the war is over or say “Way to go —-” because it’s not a game. People are dying in the worst ways and their parents and siblings are watching it happen, both in Israel and Palestine.
My aunt is a converted Jew and from what I understand, she supports Israel much like the rest of my country. (If I am mistaken, please let me know .MY apologies.) My very close friends in Jordan, where I just was and saw a slight glimpse of what it would be like to live in a third world country never mind being bombed while living there, are anti Israel. They share links of how devastating it is to be in Palestine now and they show any footage they can about Israel “cheating.” Girls painting war wounds on themselves and faking numbers for the media; Israeli soldiers speaking or laughing as they fire rockets; and there are tons of videos of Jews that are supporting Palestine and you know that they will share those ones massively. And then the show pictures of Israeli’s laying in the street to shelter themselves from rockets and they caption it “hahaha” and it makes me sick because they are hypocrites.
I share the posts that reach me. And I can picture my family shaking their heads and saying “you poor girl, your head isn’t screwed on right because you can’t pick a side.” More importantly, I won’t pick their side. My whole life, I have felt that I’m supposed to go into the world and make up my mind about right and wrong and come back home and tell Dad and Mom and my very opinionated family members exactly what they want to hear. That I agree with them. But at the same time, “Don’t be a dumb sheep, sarah, don’t just follow things. make up your mind for yourself.” So by sharing things from my Jordanian friends and being part of the minority here in Canada, I have somehow earned the “sheep” factor because I haven’t spent hours researching both sides. But If I was to just as blindly share things posted by the Israeli government, I would be great in my family’s eyes.
“There’s two sides to every story; but, you should believe ours, and anything else is wrong.”

The second part of this came from back home in Smithers, BC. Almost two years ago, one of my best friends went to hang out with a guy friend she’d known in elementary school. They went and sat by the lake and were just talking when he suddenly kissed her. She stopped him and said she wasn’t interested and it was time to go. So he forced himself on her and, at one of our favourite lakes to visit in the summer, he raped her. She told a friend who said he’d done it before to other girls and suggested my friend tell the police. She did, but not until a day or so later; therefore, no proof was around to put the guy away. Since that incident, he has been a downright asshole by attempting to Facebook her and when he sees her in town he will drive by her slowly and give her a “friendly” smile and wave. It’s horrible. So, when a photo was shared that he and another guy were going around town and beating up natives, I shared it. Because any slander I can do to his name is my pleasure. And not my place. ( <— click here to see my apology to the accused. It was very hypocritical to write about listening to both sides while I'd never asked for theirs.) Unfortunately, a few of my friends on Facebook see only the good in this guy and the backlash of the photo I shared was included on the photo and in private messages. Another friend of mine took a picture of me, wrote something of how I am "a terrible person who kicks puppies and pushes penguins off of buildings which is cruel because penguins can't fly" and put it into the same format as the photo I'd shared.
“I made this in about 3 minutes.” he said. With the message well received, I deleted the post of the guys and realized its not my place to serve him justice and by ruining his name I am only helping ruin mine. The “Two sides” is valid here as well because most of the people who told me to get my facts straight from the latest photo also told me to go to hell when I shared a status that he was a rapist. It’s their friend and although I have told them the story, they say “That doesn’t sound like him! He would never do that! Your friend is wrong and you need to stop hurting him and his family.”
Two sides to every story, but only hear mine.

I assume that open-mindedness is only accepted when you are listening to happy things that aren’t hurting anyone else, like music, artwork, or LGBT love. But if we have an open mind when it comes to accepting that our favourite team is losing because they aren’t that good (Go Canucks…) and realizing that enough children have died on one side of the war than the other, and admitting that the people in my tiny hometown in the mountains aren’t all great ( we have a jail for a reason), well then I guess I better just close my mouth and keep my opinions to myself. Because, if I’m offended by something, its my problem and I should learn to accept things. But God forbid that I say anything that offends you.

Stay wise and opinionated, dear world. Lets not get boring now.
All my love,
Sarah, Puppy Kicker and Penguin Pusher.


2 thoughts on “My Controversial Life: A Social Media Lesson.

  1. I am not ‘all for Israel to do their own thing’ and if you had listened for half a nano second you would know that. Israel acting like Nazis? Read, learn, think.

    • I share something about Palestinian children and you respond with “What about Israeli’s children?” It seemed one sided to me. I see them as all children so how about they stop needlessly killing them! who gives a damn what side they’re on. They can’t even defend themselves.

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