This Could Change Lives, Your’s Included

This is a PSA informing you that there are many many talented young women in this world, but there is one who deserves your attention. Her name is Elena Goddard, she might happen to be my younger sister by 14 months, and all of our fighting growing up has passed and now we can say the words “I miss you” without throwing in extras like “stupid” or “not talking.”

She is attending the Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts. After a harrowing month of believing she wouldn’t be able to attend this fall due to money Issues, a miracle was granted and she attained a small scholarship. However, it isn’t enough. Now we need your help and your sister’s help and maybe even your ex-step-brother’s-cousin’s-wife’s help. Elena has a kickstarter campaign going in order to raise her $5,000 goal and with your help, we can do it. The blue link takes you too her pledge page and has a short video that informs you of who she is (Len Dog Lenie), what she does (writes brilliant lyrics and music and also plays piano), and why she is asking for your help (to pursue an education and career in music business management).
so click the link, take a gander, and strongly consider supporting her. There’s no specific amount that you have to pay, you can pledge as little as a dollar.


And here is a link to her website where you will find her photography, her blog about life in music school from the perspective of a fitness-minded Canadian farm girl, and some of her music.

Thank you for reading this and a thousand times thank you if you go and watch her campaign video. 
Have a wonderful Friday, world! 
All my love (regardless of whether or not you can help Elena out)


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