Food For Thought: Banana Bread

 A trip is coming soon. One of my favourites of the year even after Jordan and California and the upcoming trips to my Grandparents’ anniversary and perhaps another trip that is not yet confirmed. This trip starts bright and early in 10 days as Dustin and I take a road trip to beautiful BC. Although I won’t see my family for another 2 weeks, I’ve been really nostalgic about my childhood home lately. 

It began when I noticed the Saskatoon bush that is growing in my backyard. Today after work I took a little bucket out and as I picked the berries I thought back to the late summer days on the farm. We would stand on the hill that lead to the barn as we avoided the barbed-wire fence and steep hill to the ravine. Occasionally, one of the hands would drive by in the farm truck and we’d be covered in the dust listening to the rumble of the tractors and surrounded by the smell of fresh cut hay mixed with gasoline and summer flowers. 

Another moment that induced a flashback was at work. I stepped behind the bar to grab something to drink other than water and without realizing it I mixed orange juice and cranberry juice with ginger ale. Suddenly I remembered the first time my mother ever showed my the easy recipe for summer punch. It was for some BBQ or celebration up at my aunts house and I remember I made the punch and was so proud of it that I made everyone try it and then told them how easy it was. I imagined that I would make this punch for my friends and eventually my children and grand children and everyone would beg to know my secret punch recipe but I would never tell. ( I was homeschooled and 12. I dreamt up the strangest ways of becoming famous.) 

Today I worked a double shift and when I got home a couple of hours ago I wanted nothing more than to kick off my shoes, throw away my bra, and have some homemade zucchini loaf. I don’t have zucchinis but I do have bananas. So I whipped up a delicious banana loaf with a cream cheese icing (made with the wrong sugar, but still yummy) and now I’m just sitting here smelling it and wondering what it will be like to go home in the summer. I’m sure it will be interesting and worthy to write home about. 

Choose to be happy, World. 
All my love, 


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