Home: More Materialistic Than I’d Like.

I am a strong believer in “Home is where the heart is.” I can be happy pretty much anywhere if I choose to be and other times I can love a place so much and still my heart is far away. Now I have two days before I leave to go “home.” Back to BC and the farms I was raised on. When I get “home” to Calgary after the trip, I will have 4 days to finish packing my things and moving into a new place hopefully equipped with a kitchen and a bathroom. That’s what I will call “home” for the next 10-13 months. I have made calls and and sent emails all to no avail. No one called me back when I left messages, no one responded to my emails, and the two people who answered their phones when I called informed me they had already filled their space. Its been a stressful few weeks. 

But today was a new day. I went to work, got through my duties incredibly efficiently, worked really well through a busy lunch, and when I got home from work I went for a little run. Once I was home again and showered, I sat down and opened my computer to attempt finding a new home. I saw one that seemed promising and called the number. Now I have a viewing tomorrow at 3:30 and I am praying so hard that the place is nice and the Landlord isn’t crazy and that maybe I will have security of where I am living in September. Because, while I enjoy saying “I’m moving next Fall.” its is scarily close to being Fall and I have yet to find a place to move to. 

Although I have gotten more things than I had a year ago when I moved to Calgary initially, I am still lacking some things such as a bed and basic cutlery. the bed is a futon mattress that Has To Go, and the cutlery is all my roommates with the exception of pots and pans and baking ware that my Aunt and Grandma have given me. I made a list of everything big I have to move. The TV, my bookshelf, my snowboard, my guitars, the list gets smaller and smaller.  Unfortunately for my big, strong boyfriend who I’m hoping will help me with moving these things, I have few boxes, but heavy boxes. As it turns out, books are some heavy material. Two boxes of those, two backpacks of clothes, a truck with my skates and movies (There’s very little organizational methods being used when it comes to packing here), and maybe 5 or 6 boxes of trinkets and maps and travel things  plus 3 boxes of kitchen thingamabobs. I’m set. my yoga mat and I will be reunited for probably a month and then I will catch a mattress sale and finally have my own bed. My body will thank me even though I kinda like the floor. However it happens, wherever it happens, I will enjoy moving into my own space and making it into my new home. 

I hope you’re having a happy day, World. 
All my love, 

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