On The Road Again

Road trips have always been one of my favourite forms of travel and adventure. This time I’m doing it with someone I like a whole bunch and it’s a bit of a “first” for me. Never have I ever taken a road trip with my boyfriend and met each other’s families. So far, it’s been a lot of fun.
On Sunday morning, we left Calgary bright and early by 6 am. With Tim Hortons coffee in hand and good country on the radio, we said goodbye to the city lights and hello to open roads with little to no traffic.

We made it to Jasper where we filled up and then we ended in Quesnel on Sunday afternoon at 3:30. The evening was full of listening to Dustin and his brother, Brad, and their dad bicker back and forth with jokes and old insults. It was hilarious to watch! Dustin’s mom is an amazing cook, so dinners have been phenomenal.
On Monday it was raining but we still managed a hike up to The Pinnacles which are some hoodoo rock formations in the valley. Dustin and I slipped through the broken fence, walked down the slippery trail, and got pictures on the ledge, much to his mother’s dismay.



Underneath the cliff was sandy rock that people carved their names into. It stretched on for ages and I thought it was kind of cool. At the same time, humans were eroding this rock and that wasn’t cool. But it was also amazing to see years worth of initials of people who slipped down that trail behind the broken fence.



Today we have no plans until 6. This evening we are going to the river with Dustin’s family so that they can take some family photos. (It’s been 20 years since the last ones!) and apparently some couple photos are happening as well, so I have an excuse to get dolled up and all purty.
I will keep you updated on the weeks adventures.
Stay adventurous, world!
All my love,


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