A Weekend At The Hometown Rodeo.

Well, my statement of keeping you updated on my BC travel turned out to be short-lived. I took notes and was in limited wifi, so until today I have been unable to post. 
The five hours from Quesnel to Smithers flew by on Wednesday, and we arrived in the early afternoon. We spent that evening at my family’s farm, and it was there that Dustin milked a cow for the first time. 
IMG_8275 IMG_8278
IMG_8398 My mom’s parents are the coolest people I know. They are hilarious and beautiful people. 
The rest of our weekend included drinking at my dad’s house, watching the kids in their 4H show, and drinking at the fair. The kids looked sharp despite their  animals giving them a little trouble at the auction. Anja’s steer was the most troublesome, but in true farm girl fashion, she pushed back twice as hard as the animal pushed her. 

On the saturday night, Dustin and I hit up the rodeo dance and saw some friends from both Smithers and Quesnel. The weekend was jam packed and felt like we had to be everywhere at once, yet it was over all too soon. Today has consisted of sleeping in, cuddling, having coffee and breakfast, and going back to bed for a nap. Quesnel’s weather is movie-day weather and its rare that Dustin and I get to have movie days together. Our laziness game is strong today. 
Tomorrow brings a 6 am wake up call and a 10 hour drive back to Calgary and work, moving and new adventures. 
Enjoy your long weekend coming up, World. I miss you and wish I could be out exploring right now. 
All in due time. 
All my love, 



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