Merry September

It is 9:30 in the morning and I am at my place of work. I don’t work till 12. 
The reason I am here is that my house has zero power. No heating, no fireplace, no way to make tea, zilch. Power is out all over the city. 

“Why? Why would the power be out in September? Did a late summer storm come across Calgary, perchance?” you may ask. 
And I will reply, “Nope. No summer storm. Rather, a friggen huge buttload of snow.

 IMG_8578 IN SEPTEMBER! And, much to the frustration of calgarians and foreigners alike, it is still coming down. This atrocity has been going on for three days, and in two nights I run a 5 k race. Two things I’d like to mention in that regard. First, I have a messed up hip and running in snow somewhat worries me. Second, I haven’t exactly “ran” in a month and that had been the first time in a month. My fitness level right now is pitiful. I do attempt yoga from time to time. Downward dog into the cobra onto full stretch across the floor where I lay still for many many minutes. Sometimes I read a book while I plank. I mean, I read a page of a book while I plank. Push ups are used to see if my work shirt was thrown under my bed. That all being said, I am a server at a busy kitchen. We have to run stairs regardless of our sections and if we have to get ice, well, that comes from the two 5 pound pails that must be hauled up three flights of stairs from the basement. If I hold my abs in while I get 6 buckets of ice, this place becomes my own personal cross fit centre. Running 5k in the snow is going to show me just how much I am not prepared. 

As I am creating this post I am simultaneously texting my friend from Jordan. He says he is tired of summer and that this snowfall is “awesome!” because he likes winter more than summer. I told him that when you only get 3 months without snow, -10 becomes as uncomfortable as +35. I wouldn’t trade places with him though. I think its easier to put more clothes on and get warmer than it is to cool off in warm weather. Plus, ice skating and snowboarding season is just around the corner. 

My computer is about to lose battery life and I don’t see an outlet in any close proximity, so I will sign off now. Merry Christmas September! Happy back-to-school! Insulate your Halloween costumes. 
World, be kind in this weather, or any weather for that matter. 
All my love, Sarah IMG_8576


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