Save Yourself And Don’t Read This

I ate a box of chocolates.

I started binge watching “Gilmore Girls” because I’m on the last season and somehow this box of chocolates showed up in my apartment, and then somewhere between the fourth and five straight episode, the majority of the chocolates were eaten. I watched another two episodes before figuring that two in the morning is a good time to sleep.

Body=tired, sleepy, exhausted, worked all day.
Mind= racing in a confusing circus in the jungle.

So I stared at my ceiling in the dark.
And I skim read a magazine.
I thought about people I missed.
I looked at photos on my phone and edited and sorted a whole bundle of bunches.
Then I started a new note in my phone (its what I do. I have two note apps and I always write in them.)
And then I decided “Man am I ever STARVING! and since I can’t sleep, writing would be nice. Online. Lets go online.”

Quietly, yet quickly, I put on pants and a bra, put my laptop and notebooks into my bag, and I crept out of my apartment.

It turns out, staircases in 100+ year old houses are really creaky. However, judging from the lights I saw under every other door, I don’t think I was too disturbing.

And that’s how I found myself here at mcdonalds at 2 AM on this Friday morning. Maybe I’ll go for a run. Maybe I’ll go on an adventure. Who knows, who’s to say? What I will do is browse the internet and find tons of cool articles until I finally go home and nap.

Coffee will be a necessity later on.
Who am I kidding? Coffee is always a necessity.

Stay wired, World.
All my love,


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