The Broke, Wanderlust Student Soul’s Christmas Wish-list

  • Your Favourite Book. 
    Rather, a copy of your favourite book. Or a Value Village Special of a $2 book that has an interesting cover or look. 
  • Pens.
    All kinds of pens. Ballpoint, felt, blue, red, black. I don’t have ’em; I need ’em.
  • Patience and Understanding.
    Your gifts from me will more likely than not be sentimental, handmade, homemade thingamabobs. These are not fun gifts. These are “oh. She’s an adult now and gives us socks and underwear because she longs for the days when she got such items of necessity.” I am a really bad fun-gift giver, unless you’re five years old. In that case you get the coolest gift because our entertainment value levels are equal. 
  • Groceries.
    On my last birthday, my mom sent me $100 worth of gift cards for Safeway. My excitement and exclamations of “YES!!!! Perfect gift!” showed me just how real my twenty-something’s life is. I get excited for free groceries. 
  • Your best piece of advice.
    Whether you gave it or received it, I want it. I have so much wall space that is really requiring some more inspirational quotes and thoughts to ponder. 
  • A Genie.
    My wishes in no particular order: 
    1. Wisdom to understand the medical terms I’m learning for school. 
    2. Peace of mind that I am smart enough to learn these major big words for school. 
    3. Money to ease the stress that is caused by the cool decision of going back to school. 
  • Mostly I’d love a copy of your favourite book.
    Please note I have a Bible, and journals galore. But cook books! now those I can always use more of.Happy Middle of FREAKING OCTOBER! where the darn heck did 2014 go?
    I miss you world.
    All my love, Sarah

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