I should be in New York Right Now

“Come visit me in Boston, and then we will go to New York for the American Thanksgiving together!”
The planning to visit my sister began and I scoured ticket prices online. A week later I bailed, knowing I had rent and school to pay for. And now that my ex-departure date has arrived, I am slightly heartbroken. There will be no christmas shopping in The Big Apple, no new cities scratched off on my map, and no gym time with my sister followed by binging on NY pizza and hotdogs. And, in general, no New York or Boston.
Instead, I am here in my apartment basking in my newly installed wifi and watching travel and adventure videos on youtube. Not shockingly, it isn’t helping cure this case of wanderlust/ cabin fever.
I miss my family. My sisters and their laughter, and my brothers and their really dumb jokes that still make me laugh. I would like to go travel for another 4 or 5 months and then come home to the farm and my siblings. Travel followed by vacation, followed by reality. Alas, Reality is what I’m stuck in right now and it doesn’t have me learning a new language in a foreign country while embracing a bizarre culture. (Unless you count learning medical terms in a classroom.)
I should be in New York right now.
All my love, World.
I promise, I will be back and exploring you soon.


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