Winter Writings

Today, I chose to make it a great day. It began last night.
I got off work and came home to my chilly house, feeling ill and grumpy for no reason other than the fact that I did. My boyfriend and I skyped for an hour, during which he played me songs on the guitar, made me laugh, and set up a date for coffee this afternoon before I go to work. Later on, as I drifted off to sleep with a smile on my face, I decided that when I woke up I would be productive. I turned on my light, grabbed pen and paper, and wrote a to-do list. I feel asleep with strange dreams of many of these tasks being complicated and ruled by my landlord.

When I first woke up, I stayed in bed, browsing youtube and Facebook on my phone. Setting my alarm for an hour early allowed me the luxury of doing this without feeling like I was wasting my day. When I did get up, I made the bed, got dressed, did my makeup and hair, and then began assessing my to-do list. Now, normally when I have a home-day with no plans within the hour, I stay make-free  in my pajamas. It was a feel good moment when, a few moments later, I was washing my breakfast dishes and cleaning my kitchen and I glanced at the mirror in front of my sink. I was the best looking dishwasher in the house and I knew it. (Ignore the fact that I live alone and am the only dishwasher in the house. I looked fly.) It was 10:30 in the morning and I was dressed, I’d had breakfast and washed those dishes, and made my bed. When I don’t work until 5, I usually am blinking my eyes open around 11:30 or so.

Then the house cleaning and to-do-list checking began.
Fold Laundry: check
Put Away Dishes: Check
Write Response Letters from November: check
Tidy Room/House: double check

This went on until everything was checked off and it was only noon. Since I have a man who makes me smile, I thought I should make him cookies, so chocolate chip cookies were mixed while I helped my brain growth by watching TedTalks.
Multi-tasking. With the smell of cookies filling my kitchen, and a bajilion candles lit to try to generate some heat, I turned TedTalks into quiet instrumental music, and I traded the mixing spoon for a book. Then I sat in my favourite kitchen chair next to the coldest, yet prettiest, window in my house. This window doesn’t close properly and even if it did, there are three holes in the outside panel. The frost on the window is in magical, pretty patterns, and the sun-catcher hanging in front helps create these amazing, intriguing light paths. Upon first glance, it seems cozy. Cookies, both fresh out of the oven and baking in the oven; a new book about places I’ve never been; classical music to set a background for my imagination as I read; hot coffee in a little blue mug; me, with make-up accentuating my eyes and hair pulled into a messy french braid. All this, set next to a frost patterned window looking out into the neighbour’s snow-covered yard.
The coziness is fake. It is freezing near this window; and yet, I still sit here typing in hopes that the romanticism of the idea will turn into reality.

Today, I am productive at home and at work. Tomorrow, I enjoy a day of downtime with my dude. Then, on Monday,
I. Start. School. I’m excited for the classroom and knowledge. I’m not so stoked on walking 3 kilometres in -20 every morning. Busses don’t go in my direction.
A couple positives in my situation are 1) I am starting my 8 month course in January instead of September which means I get more walks to school in warm spring and summer weather than the colder fall and winter weather, and 2) without the option of replying on busses to get me places I am responsible for my own timing of when I arrive to school. I don’t have to stand in the cold waiting for a warm bus to come along. There is no bus coming! Instead, I simply walk at a brisk pace that keeps the blood flowing but doesn’t cause me to break a sweat. (This is difficult as I sweat easily and also walk quickly. Its normal for me to look amazing leaving the house and upon arrival to my destination I appear to have just run 10k.) School is going to be fun. There’s a quote that says
“The one who chooses not to read has no advantage over the one who cannot read.”
From this I take the matter of education as a requirement, not a choice. Thanks to Malala, I’m aware that far too many don’t get a choice for education. Better yourself and you better the world.

In the words of my father, Keith, “AAAANYway.”

I have a handsome man picking me up in 25 minutes and I still have to pack up the cookies.
Happy New Year, World! I can’t wait to find out what part of you I meet this year.
All my Love,

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