This Makes Me

This past week, I have been quite sick. I even stayed home from school one day and when you’re paying for your own education, you suddenly value those classroom hours. GIVE ME ALL YOUR KNOWLEDGE, OH WISE ONE!
On Sunday, Dustin came over to hang out and he knew I was sick so when he walked in the door, he gave me an empathetic  smile and held up a grocery bag filled with feel goods. Not only did he bring me cough drops and tylenol and other soothing medicine, he also bought me chocolate because he knows that just by having chocolate within my reach makes me feel much better.
Last night, we were cuddling and my feet were freezing. (seriously, huge lack of circulation issue.) My Mr. HVAC Technician held my frozen toes in his warm hands and asked “Do you know what kind of heat transfer this is?” and I piped up saying “Conduction!” The look of shock on his face that I knew something from his trade was amazing. I then explained that I know this stuff from studying hydrotherapy and I was able to explain conduction and the other 4 forms of heat transfer that I will use in my career. Suddenly, the couple that was the epitome of “opposites attract” had something in common.
This is the part of traveling I loved. This is the part of living in a new city or working at a new job that I loved.
This … knowing things.
Its so cool! I need to thank my Dad for this. Because without him, I never would have wanted to get to know a new country. I never would have known how to push myself. I never would have gone to school.
A year ago, I had envisioned myself now being in Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam. Somewhere. Anywhere but here. And now I’m willingly walking through the snow and the wind to get to a classroom where I spend 7 hours taking notes and then going home and studying those notes for another 2 hours and then working out and sleeping and repeating the next day.
Knowledge is cool and wisdom is powerful.
Christmas, 2015, I will sit with my family and my brother and I will have a conversation using all our medical terminology and we will finally be the ones that confuse our sisters. We will no longer be the confused ones. (until they start talking about finances and economics. Then I’m back to confusion.)
This post had a point, but it is long gone.
Keep learning, world! Every person you meet knows something you don’t.
All my love,


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