I Have This Terrifying Feeling

I have this terrifying feeling that I had something highly important to do today and I have forgotten.
Perhaps its the fact that I have no exams and no work. Maybe its the fact that I’ve made so many plans lately that it feels unnatural to have none.
I don’t know. But I feel ill. Is there a word for this?
I slept in until 11, then I checked all my calendars, which were blank. Coffee is always the next step, so I made that and breakfast and as I ate I pondered all possibilities of what I could be forgetting about. Is is a birthday? Is it a letter I’m supposed to write? A shift I picked up? I friend I was supposed to meet? I have no clue!
I decided to be productive, and so dish washing and house cleaning began. I think this wasn’t what I was forgetting because although the feeling of cleaning is satisfying, its not relieving. And I believe thats what I would feel after remembering what it is I seem to have forgotten.
I’m going to do some laundry and study and figure out what to do with my life today.
Good luck today, World.
All my love, Sarah

PS. Is it normal for mould to grow on plants that are being watered every other day? I’m trying to be an adult and not let this one die, but just when I see green shoots poking through the soil, I also see fluffs of mould.


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