All The Reasons Start With ‘E’ 

It’s 2 in the morning here in this Berklee bubble home, and there are three reasons I am still awake: the holiday, my sister, and the surroundings. 

The holiday. Easter. I ate too much candy, drank not enough water and I’m now jacked on caffeine and unable to turn my tired mind off. 

The sister. Elena. You know how people breathe heavier the deeper in sleep they are? Now imagine a water buffalo with the face of a bull dog. Now give that water buffalo dog a cold. And now imagine the sound of the breaths. That’s Elena in a serious state of studying. (Not the face. God no. She’s gorgeous. I’m just using this example to show how strong her lungs and diaphragm are. They’re fucking strong.) now imagine that you are sharing a bed with a bulldog water buffalo named Stallone who has a cold. Stallone falls into a relaxed, deep sleep and now breathes louder and squeaker. Now try falling asleep. Good luck                                              . 

The surroundings. 

The third ‘E’ is Everyone. The Neighbours are square dancing to southern rock renditions of Christmas songs, someone else is practicing guitar, and facebook has angry feminists making me laugh. These are also contributing to the non sleep factor. 

So this is my easter night. How’s yours? Stay cosy, world. All my love, sarah. 


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