Kids’ Pick Penny Wise

There is a new business in town. They are available to anyone who has a decent wifi connection and an email address, and they are ideal for anyone who despises hunting for recipes then slaving away to prepare dinners for the week.
The name is Penny Wise Meal Planning and their goal is to fill your tummies with wholesome, healthy food while also providing support for the “Kids’ Picks” program in Greater Vancouver. For only nine dollars, you are provided through email a four-week meal plan complete with a shopping list for two to four servings, plus recipes to get you started in a balanced routine.You will receive them every friday morning in your inbox where you will find that the shopping lists are created to help you do it all in one trip. Meaning, things you already have in your pantry will be checked off the list and once at the store you will be guided through with ease without running back and forth through the aisles.
Your entire nine dollars will be going to the Kids’ Picks program which provides little ones between eighteen-months and six-years old with bags of nutritional, ready-to-eat snacks to encourage healthy dietary choices.
To recap:
$9 = 1 month subscription to online recipe and meal planning. 
^> $9 goes to support kids who might not otherwise have the chance to learn to love their vegetables.

Stay creative, World.
All my love, Sarah.


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