Traveling With Another

In three days, I will be on a flight to my home-away-from-home, Los Angeles. This is a vacation with no real travel but it will be a get away. The reason I love LA so much is because there is always something to do that I haven’t done before. Plus, all the people I get to meet.
A normal week long trip for me is cheap, paid for before I leave, and very chill. I stay at a hostel for a couple nights, stay with couchsurfing hosts, and I wander and hike and basically do anything I want without having to worry about time (I have it all) or money (I have none) or what anyone else wants to do.

This trip is different. I’m going on vacation (I really hate that word) with my darling, wise, travel-newbie, boyfriend. He’s never gone anywhere before. (Vegas with his parents doesn’t count right now.) He’s never learned another language and has no desire to learn another language; he makes fun of other cultures in an attempt to embrace them I think; he’s never known the struggle of flying into a foreign city at midnight and trying to find your hostel when you don’t speak the language. He wants to vacation, I want to travel. He wants to go together, I want to go alone with someone else who also wants to go alone.

It is very weird. This trip is causing me to stress out over a weeks worth of hostels and food. Alone, I couchsurf and I eat almost vegan because it’s actually the cheapest way to eat. Together, he doesn’t want to think about the idea of couch surfing and he can’t imagine a day without meat and potatoes. Don’t get me wrong, I’m incredibly excited to have a week with him in a place thats not here. I’m excited to see him in a hostel dorm taking it all in, hearing him tell his stories to the new people he meets. He will probably make more friends than I will because he is so outgoing and really funny; people almost gravitate towards him.

So I know this will be so good and positive and by the time I get there I won’t be thinking about any of these stress factors I have right now, but its been a struggle to just mentally calm myself down.
Traveling with another human being is so different for me. Hell, The thought of living with another human right now is terrifying. And to me, traveling together is way more intimate than living together. Its going to be amazing and hopefully relaxing and more than anything, its going to be adventurous.

Stay open world,
All my love, Sarah


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