Come Fly With Me.

Come fly with me, come fly, let’s fly away.”
sings Frank Sinatra as he cooly saunters through his private jet thats on call twenty-four/seven because he’s a celebrity and I’m not.
I hate flying. For someone who has little patience and wants to see the world, you’d almost think I love it. But no; I despise it. The take off, the landing, the stuffy air, the cancellations.
Yesterday I landed in Calgary around 6:30 pm and prepped myself for a few hours wait and an 11:20 departure. You see, I’m in the middle of my holidays and unfortunately, to get the most out of our holidays, sometimes we have to take shortcuts to save time. So we book flights with points which turn out to be 3 flights over 14 hours in order to get to a place that is a 14 hour drive but also a 3 week walk because I don’t have a car. And sometimes, While you lay trying to sleep in the airport, the plane that you’re supposed to get on has a mechanical break down (I get it, we all need one of those days.) and the service desk just up and postpones your trip.

That all happened. I’m quite tired. Airports really need to rethink their 2 A.M. announcements of “ATTENTION! PLEASE DO NOT LEAVE BAGGAGE UNATTENDED OR SECURITY WILL COME AND REMOVE IT.” Its not so bad at 2 in the afternoon when a lot of people are bustling between flights. HOWEVER, in the dead of morning, when only 3 people are in the airport and they are just about to fall properly asleep, that announcement comes on and echoes throughout this giant concrete building at volume 10,000 and not only do the sleepers nearly jump and roll off the row of chairs they are sleeping on, but they also become increasingly pissed off that they are getting light sleep in 40 minute increments.

Upon finding out my plane was taking a “me day”, I went and found my tickets and got the girl at the desk to place me on an earlier flight. It lands in Terrace though. Its funny because my family is all asleep right now thinking that they can wake up at 8:30 and pick me up at the Smithers airport at 9:30 and in reality, I’m gonna be at a different airport 3 hours away in a town where I don’t really know anyone at all even a little bit.

I slept for an hour maybe in the last 30; I am indecisive and haven’t figured out what I want to eat, so I’m super hungry. And I am sore and cramped and just want to get home. Road-trips over layovers, any day. In the mean time, is anyone heading from Terrace to Smithers this late morning?

Have an enjoyable long weekend, world.
All my love, Sarah


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