Last year I watched a video talking about setting yourself up for a good year with a word.  Rather than making set goals, choose a primary word that you apply every day, and a secondary word that maybe closes in on the target idea. My word for 2016 was “EFFORT”. I wanted to put effort into studying for my last semester of college; effort into my workouts when I went to the gym regardless of whether it was once a week or five times a week; effort into my relationships both with friends and boyfriend; and, effort in finding the best in myself and my situations.
I liked this method of “resolutions” because it didn’t set me up to fail at a diet or weightless or income. All the things I wanted to change or improve had no margin of “reach this point or else.” They simply required that I apply effort and ensure that I did the best I could at that moment in that situation.

I want 2017 to mold me into a better woman in many areas of my life. Being a person of faith, I have a Bible and sometimes find encouragement and wisdom in the pages. Proverbs 31 is quite the popular chapter often known for encouraging women to be good wives and not vain. At least thats how it was always portrayed to me. Re-reading it as a twenty-three year old feminist (as in equality for all, not a man-hater) I have a different take on it.
Here Goes.

The thirty-one woman:
– She provides food and income for her family and household.
– She is productive and efficient, rising early to make the most of each day.
-She invests in properties and makes profits which she then re-invests. She’s smart with  her money.
– She takes care of her health by working out. (literally says she strengthens her arms.)
– She is confident in herself and her work.
– She volunteers and donates to those less fortunate than her.
-She is prepared for all seasons
– She dresses well, with clothes she makes herself to boot.
– She is Honorable, Wise, and Kind in both words and actions.
-She doesn’t bother herself wondering if she is beautiful because she knows beauty goes deeper than just skin.
– She lets her actions speak for her but takes pride in being a bad-ass.

These are all things that I want to be responses when someone asks another someone,  “Do you know Sarah G?”
One of my favourite quotes is, “Be pretty if you can, be witty if you must, but be gracious if it kills you.” I ended up at Proverbs 31 after deciding “Grace” was going to be my word of the year. It turned into “Positivity; Listen; integrity” and eventually I just grabbed the dictionary and decided that the whole thing had to be my word. I think my thirty-one list is a little more concise. 🙂

So, in a weird twist on “word of the year”, I’m going to make “thirty-one” my focus word. That list I made above? I want to be all those things. I mean, I probably won’t make my own clothes but I will continue to think three times before I buy a $5 shirt just because its cheap. I will try to be kind and wise when I speak and act. I’ve also been wanting to look into investing money and learning more about finances, so maybe I can take a course or just talk to different banks and educate myself. I have been thinking for months about volunteering but I’m very good at making excuses and then basking in laziness; by just finding one opportunity to volunteer, I nip laziness and become productive. As for the skin-deep beauty, I have gone through phases where I didn’t care, then where I cared so much that I never looked in a mirror because I was ashamed and embarrassed of my face, and now I’m at a point where I just look the way I do and its beautiful because theres only like 7 or 8 other people in the world who look like me. (Sadly, none of them are my family. But it’s a scientific fact that we each have about 7 dopplegangers.) I also love makeup so I think as long as I’m confident in myself and how I look each day, I can rock a bare face or a smokey eye. Its what I do that matters, not what I look like.

That’s my post today. I’m aware that I write about once year now but it is mostly for myself and if someone stumbles upon it, I hope it makes you laugh or think.
Merry Christmas, world.

Love, Sarah.


One thought on “Thirty-One-Woman

  1. Feminism was defined as equal social, political and economic opportunity when I was introduced to the concept in the 70s. It’s really so simple. And yet so out of reach for so many. Loved your blog! Now that your required courses are completed you have the gift of a little extra time to do with what you will. Enjoy the opportunity.

    Tried a new one of the mascaras from the sample box. Not waterproof. What’s the point?! We’re in Vancouver for rainy heaven’s sake! 🌧🐼 ☕️
    Take care,

    Anita Goddard
    Sent from my iPhone 🙂


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