The Rough Introduction

“When I reach the age of twenty
I will explore this world of plenty” – from A Dream by Avraham Koplowicz

British Columbia, Canada. Thats where the story of Sarah begins. Far north West in the Central Interior is a tiny town of 5000 people, occasionally mentioned on “How I Met Your Mother.” I explored Spain and parts of the UK last year. I stayed in L.A. for three weeks and fell in love with the city and beaches. Currently, I make my home in Calgary, Alberta and I’m incredibly content here.

Growing up, I adapted to my closed, safe world and knew right from wrong because my parents told me so. Still growing up, I am far more aware of all the amazements and differences between my rights and wrongs and your rights and wrongs. I believe writing, singing, running, dancing, and laughing are the best forms of therapy. The one thing that tops them all is travel. Nothing changes perspective then seeing someone else’s normal as strange.

“All my problems can be solved by saltwater, be that sweat, tears, or the sea.”
I hope to visit South East Asia, most of the Middle East, South America, The rest of Canada and the States, Australia, and eventually back to Europe. Mostly, I’d like to see the adventure in each day no matter how boring or chaotic it may seem to be. Enjoy meandering around my blog.

Thanks for reading, world.
All my love,


6 thoughts on “The Rough Introduction

  1. Hey Sarah, I saw this blog from your bewelcome profile. I sent you a belated reply message there but it doesn’t look like you’ve logged into the site since. Just wanted to make sure you got it since you wrote me such a well-crafted message! Had no other way of contacting you than here. πŸ™‚

    • Hey, My bewelcome login isnt working for some reason. I did see your reply though. Thank you! Im on couchsurfers too a little more actively now so Maybe I’ll see you there. LA was great πŸ˜€

  2. Hi sarah. I spent an hour and read all your posts. You are officially my favourite Blogger now. Such lovely and lively posts. Looking forward for more of your posts πŸ™‚

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