The Broke, Wanderlust Student Soul’s Christmas Wish-list

  • Your Favourite Book. 
    Rather, a copy of your favourite book. Or a Value Village Special of a $2 book that has an interesting cover or look. 
  • Pens.
    All kinds of pens. Ballpoint, felt, blue, red, black. I don’t have ’em; I need ’em.
  • Patience and Understanding.
    Your gifts from me will more likely than not be sentimental, handmade, homemade thingamabobs. These are not fun gifts. These are “oh. She’s an adult now and gives us socks and underwear because she longs for the days when she got such items of necessity.” I am a really bad fun-gift giver, unless you’re five years old. In that case you get the coolest gift because our entertainment value levels are equal. 
  • Groceries.
    On my last birthday, my mom sent me $100 worth of gift cards for Safeway. My excitement and exclamations of “YES!!!! Perfect gift!” showed me just how real my twenty-something’s life is. I get excited for free groceries. 
  • Your best piece of advice.
    Whether you gave it or received it, I want it. I have so much wall space that is really requiring some more inspirational quotes and thoughts to ponder. 
  • A Genie.
    My wishes in no particular order: 
    1. Wisdom to understand the medical terms I’m learning for school. 
    2. Peace of mind that I am smart enough to learn these major big words for school. 
    3. Money to ease the stress that is caused by the cool decision of going back to school. 
  • Mostly I’d love a copy of your favourite book.
    Please note I have a Bible, and journals galore. But cook books! now those I can always use more of.Happy Middle of FREAKING OCTOBER! where the darn heck did 2014 go?
    I miss you world.
    All my love, Sarah

To Be More Like Her

I’d like to be more like her.
More athletic, more focused on my goals.
More photogenic, let the camera love me like I love it.
More confident about where I am in life right now. 

I can be more like her. 
I am her. I’m just not there yet. 
The future me is financially stable in a pretty house in the countryside. 
The future me understands that education is always available, it doesn’t have to all be learned now.
The future me looks back to now and says “Relax. Stop worrying about things that you have no control over.” 

I want to be more like her. 
The present me orders foods she’s never heard of, just to see if she’ll like them. 
The present me takes trips that scare her because she wants to prove to herself that she can.
The present me runs too hard, too fast, too long, for mental stress relief. Even on injuries. 
The present me doesn’t have spending money, because those coins are being stored away for flights to Boston; Prince George;  School. 
The present me is happy, occasionally lonely, and likes to spend time with herself. 

I want to be more like her. 

*Two weeks ago, I sent a photo to my little sister who promptly replied saying how much she disliked herself in the picture. I told her “You are the person who has to spend the most time with yourself. If you have to spend every second with someone you don’t like, its going to be a very hard life. Learn to love yourself. Find pieces of you that you adore and find parts of you that you want to change, and get excited to celebrate yourself.” 
    Too many friends of mine do not do things alone. They think it’s weird to go out for dinner by yourself, or go downtown with no plans – by yourself, or to do anything outside of their own home on their own. I find that so sad because at some point in everybody’s life, you end up alone for a short while. And when you go out to eat by yourself, you can choose to make that experience sad and awkward, or you can choose to make it enjoyable and pleasant. 
Date yourself, World. Because you will spend more time with you than anyone else will. 
All my love, 

Food For Thought: Banana Bread

 A trip is coming soon. One of my favourites of the year even after Jordan and California and the upcoming trips to my Grandparents’ anniversary and perhaps another trip that is not yet confirmed. This trip starts bright and early in 10 days as Dustin and I take a road trip to beautiful BC. Although I won’t see my family for another 2 weeks, I’ve been really nostalgic about my childhood home lately. 

It began when I noticed the Saskatoon bush that is growing in my backyard. Today after work I took a little bucket out and as I picked the berries I thought back to the late summer days on the farm. We would stand on the hill that lead to the barn as we avoided the barbed-wire fence and steep hill to the ravine. Occasionally, one of the hands would drive by in the farm truck and we’d be covered in the dust listening to the rumble of the tractors and surrounded by the smell of fresh cut hay mixed with gasoline and summer flowers. 

Another moment that induced a flashback was at work. I stepped behind the bar to grab something to drink other than water and without realizing it I mixed orange juice and cranberry juice with ginger ale. Suddenly I remembered the first time my mother ever showed my the easy recipe for summer punch. It was for some BBQ or celebration up at my aunts house and I remember I made the punch and was so proud of it that I made everyone try it and then told them how easy it was. I imagined that I would make this punch for my friends and eventually my children and grand children and everyone would beg to know my secret punch recipe but I would never tell. ( I was homeschooled and 12. I dreamt up the strangest ways of becoming famous.) 

Today I worked a double shift and when I got home a couple of hours ago I wanted nothing more than to kick off my shoes, throw away my bra, and have some homemade zucchini loaf. I don’t have zucchinis but I do have bananas. So I whipped up a delicious banana loaf with a cream cheese icing (made with the wrong sugar, but still yummy) and now I’m just sitting here smelling it and wondering what it will be like to go home in the summer. I’m sure it will be interesting and worthy to write home about. 

Choose to be happy, World. 
All my love,